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Episode · 5 months ago

Friends & Fiction—The Christmas Spectacular with the 12 Authors of Christmas


For our super special F&F Christmas episode, we invited EIGHT amazing author guests to join us. Join the fun for a special group reading of a custom adaptation of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas penned by our own Kristin Harmel. Each of our eight guests also talks about their latest book and answers a few questions from the Fab Four. You won’t want to miss all the festive holiday fun! Meet F&F’s 12 Authors of Christmas: VIOLA SHIPMAN, The Secret of SnowJULIA KELLY, The Last Dance of the DebutanteSADEQA JOHNSON, Yellow WifeANITA HUGHES, A Magical New York ChristmasJULIE CANTRELL, It's a Wonderful ChristmasRACHEL HAWKINS, Reckless GirlsCOURTNEY WALSH, A Cross Country ChristmasSUSAN MEISSNER, The Nature of Fragile ThingsMARY KAY ANDREWS, The Santa SuitPATTI CALLAHAN, Once Upon a WardrobeKRISTIN HARMEL, The Forest of Vanishing StarsKRISTY WOODSON HARVEY, Christmas in Peachtree Bluff

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