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Episode · 1 month ago

Friends & Fiction Celebrates Debut Authors with Lou Diamond Phillips, Gervais Hagerty, Addison Armstrong, and Paige Crutcher


This episode is all about debut authors! F&F welcomes to the show four first-time novelists—all with new or recent books out—to learn all about their journey to publication. Meet acclaimed actor Lou Diamond Phillips (Young Guns, La Bamba, Prodigal Son) as we hear all about his debut YA science fiction fantasy novel The Tinderbox (released 8/3/21 by Blackstone), inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's famous fairy tale of the same name. We also welcome Gervais Hagerty (In Polite Company, out 8/17/21 from William Morrow), Addison Armstrong (The Light of Luna Park, released 8/10/21 by Penguin), and Paige Crutcher (The Orphan Witch, coming 9/28/21 from St. Martin's Press). 

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