Friends & Fiction
Friends & Fiction

Episode · 2 months ago

Friends & Ficiton with Erika Robuck & Lisa Barr, featuring Rachel McMillan on the after show


On this episode we get to chat with THREE authors! Meet Erika Robuck, the national bestselling author of seven novels includng HEMINGWAY'S GIRL and THE HOUSE OF HAWTHORNE. She joins us to discuss her latest WWII novel, SISTERS OF NIGHT AND FOG, which was named a Most Anticipated Book of 2022 by Buzzfeed, Bookbub and BookTrib. We also welcome former journalist and award-winning author of historical fiction, Lisa Barr. She joins us to discuss her latest, WOMAN ON FIRE, a gripping tale of an international art scandal centered around a Nazi-looted masterpiece which Sharon Stone has just optioned for film adaptation. On the after show we are joined by Rachel McMillan, author of The Herringford and Watts mysteries, The Van Buren and DeLuca mysteries, and The Three Quarter Time series of contemporary Viennese romances. She joins us to discuss her latest historical novel, THE MOZART CODE.

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