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Episode · 1 month ago

Friends & Fiction with Lisa Scottoline


Get ready for a raucous good time on this episode as we welcome back to the show an all-time F&F fave, the #1 New York Times-bestselling and Edgar Award-winning author of thirty-three novels, Lisa Scottoline! Lisa joins us to talk about her latest pulse-pounding thriller, a soon-to-be major bestseller when it’s released by Putnam on March 29th, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BENNETTS. We talk about her writing process, her Philly Inquirer column and books she writes with her daughter, author Francesca Serritella, her dogs, and her love for Bradley Cooper. We learn all about whether Roasato & DiNunzio will make a comeback and if Lisa has more historical ficion on deck after last year's phenomenal ETERNAL (recently released in paperback).

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