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Friends & Fiction

Episode · 2 weeks ago

Friends & Fiction with Paula Faris & Daryn Kagan


On this episode, we welcome TWO journalist-turned-author guests as we commemorate the 20th anniversary of 9/11. Meet Daryn Kagan who spent more than 12 years as an anchor on CNN, reporting live from several major events around the world, including the war in Iraq, the September 11th terrorist attacks, and numerous presidential elections. Today, Daryn is a syndicated newspaper columnist, and the author of HOPE POSSIBLE. We will also welcome Paula Faris who is a journalist (formerly co-anchor of Good Morning America Weekend and co-host on The View), podcaster, and author of the book CALLED OUT. Hear about their journeys from high pressure jobs in national television, to carving out more time for family and for themselves, and to becoming published authors.

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