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Friends & Fiction

Episode · 1 week ago

The Friends & Fiction Launch Party Episode for The Homewreckers & the paperback of The Forest of Vanishing Stars


Don't miss this episode as we gather to celebrate the launch of Mary Kay Andrews’s 30th novel THE HOMEWRECKERS. It wouldn’t be an F&F launch party without silly hats, role playing, and special guests. The crew will revive “F&F Theater” as they get in character to engage in a not-ready-for-prime-time cable TV-style gossip show, to dish about the reality television show at the heart of THE HOMEWRECKERS.Then on the after show we celebrate the launch of Kristin Harmel’s paperback of THE FOREST OF VANISHING STARS which is new this week in stores across the country. Kristin will share with us some footage we’ve never seen before of Aron Bielski whom she interviewed while researching her book about his experience fleeing the Nazis in the woods of Poland eight decades ago.

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