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Welcome to Our Podcast - An Introduction


Bestselling authors and long-time friends Mary Kay Andrews, Kristin Harmel, Kristy Woodson Harvey, Patti Callahan Henry and Mary Alice Monroe introduce you to the inspiration for their Friends & Fiction Podcast.

Welcome to the friends and fiction podcast. Five best selling authors, endless stories. We are the authors of friends and fiction, five longtime friends and best selling novelists with more than eighty published books among us. I'm Mary Ca Andrews, I'm Christen Harmel, I'm Christy Woods and Harvey, I'm Patty Callaghan Henry and I'm Mary Ellis Monroe. In March of two thousand and twenty, when the pandemic hit and the country shut down, the five of us were headed off on book tour, and then we weren't. Our releases weren't canceled, but our tours were. So I sent out an email and suggested we gather on zoom to commismerate and talk about how to cope with and manage this new kind of book release. While we chatted and, let's face it, wind with wine, we realized how much fun it would be to not only encourage each other in our readers, but to also support the independent booksellers we love... much, the ones who had supported us. So the concepts began small. Let's just get together on Wednesday night, can include our readers. We chose a new bookstore for each episode and talked about what those stores meant to us and our guests. Then, to broaden fun, we started interviewing other authors, ones we admired and ones who, like us, might have had canceled tours. We started talking, and we are still talking, about writing tips and writing challenges, about the publishing industry. We started talking about other books we loved and debut novels and our inspirations and failures. Our Community of readers and authors grew and here we are, thousands strong and our friends and fiction community and still talking to people like Kristen Hannah. I wanted to see if it was possible to to break that mold and do something else, and...

...that's really where the nightingale came from. Debbie Macomber, and over the years the readers have guided my car. I have changed the way I've done things about three or four different times simply on feedback from our readers. DLIA Owens, I wanted to write a book, down, a novel that would explore how much we are affected when we are isolated, when we are forced to grow up without a group, and that's where products came from. Lisa wingate. The human things, they don't change. The human things are what ties us all together and that love a family, that need to know your history, that need to know your people. You know, that's The Times, the bond we have that makes us all the same. I think Ellen Hilda brand the thing here and I am so, so grateful to be a part of it. You guys are amazing. Thank you. So are you. And so many more interviews to come, with chats, author interviews and fascinating...

...insider talk about publishing and writing. We discussed the books we've written, the books were reading now and the art of storytelling, and you can join us on Wednesday night live on friends and fiction facebook at seven PM Eastern Standard Time. You can subscribe to the podcast on spotify, apple podcast or whatever your favorite podcast service is, and you can also find more information about us at www dot friends and fictioncom. If you love books and you're curious about the writing world, you're in the right place.

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