Friends & Fiction
Friends & Fiction

Episode · 1 month ago

Friends & Fiction with John Serles, plus Jessica Strawser on the after show


Meet NYT bestselling and award-winning author of four novels, John Searles. He tells us all about his brand-new genre-bending thriller HER LAST AFFAIR, what inspired its setting at an old drive-in movie theater, and how writing it during a particularly dark time helped carry him through. John regales us with hilarious and heartwarming stories of his years as Books Editor at Cosmopolitan, penning some of those saucy headlines, his many celeb encounters, and his Instagram famous dog. On the after show we are joined by Wrriter's Digest Editor-at-Large and author of five book-club-favorite novels, Jessica Strawser, so we can hear all about her latest, THE NEXT THING YOU KNOW.

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