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Episode · 2 months ago

Friends & Fiction Launch Party for Kristin Harmel's The Forest of Vanishing Stars


The Fab Five celebrate the launch of Kristin Harmel's The Forest of Vanishing Stars by putting on a short, stirring, and emotional Broadway-style mini-musical (with a gravitas that honors the subject matter) written and composed by the uber-talented Kristin Harmel. Special musical guests include Broadway actress Christina Sivrich Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Stephen Kellogg, and F&F’s behind-the-scenes A/V whiz Shaun Hettinger, composer of TV theme songs and the lead singer of the band MEMORYY. Later in the episode, the authors are joined by bestselling author Susan Elizabeth Phillips along with Brenda & Lisa of the The F&F Official Book Club who each present an original cocktail recipe inspired by Kristin's book.

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