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Friends & Fiction

Episode · 3 months ago

Friends & Fiction with Mary Bly & Sonali Dev


Mary Bly joins the Fab Five to discuss her long, successful career writing regency romances under the pseudonym Eloisa James while living somewhat of a double life as a Shakespeare professor and English Dept chair at Fordham University. We hear about how she made the decision to write contemporary fiction (LIZZIE & DANTE, out now) under her real name just this year for the first time and how her love of Italy and the classics infuses all of her writing. She’s joined by Sonali Dev who writes clever, deeply layered, and heartwarming Bollywood-style romantic comedies in the Jane Austen tradition (INCENSE AND SENSIBILITY, coming July 6th). Sonali discusses giving readers a glimpse into the Indian American experience through her work, and the importance of revisiting and retelling classics like Austen. 

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