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Friends & Fiction Launch Party for Kristy Woodson Harvey's THE WEDDING VEIL


Mary Kay Andrews, Kristin Harmel & Patti Callahan Henry request the honor of your presence at the launch of their co-host Kristy Woodson Harvey’s The Wedding Veil. The reception will take place on Friends & Fiction on the thirtieth of March. 

Grab your wedding veil, pour your signature cocktail, and get ready for a grand celebration as we send Kristy’s new book out into the world in true F&F style. You don’t want to miss this show as the Fab Four are joined on-air by our dearly beloved podcast host Ron Block, tech guru Shaun Hettinger, and managing director Meg Walker for an epic game of wedding-themed Would You Rather? Glimpse the crew’s actual wedding photos and enjoy their festive themed headwear as we gather together to learn all about Kristy’s new novel, THE WEDDING VEIL.

Welcome to friends and fiction. For New York Times best selling authors endless stories, novelists Mary Kay Andrews, Kristin Harmel, Christy Woodson Harvey and Patty Callaghan Henry are for longtime friends with more than seventy published books between them. Together they host friends and fiction with author interviews and fascinating insider talk about publishing and writing. To highlight and support independent book stores. They discussed the books they've written, the books they're reading now and the art of storytelling. If you love books and you're curious about the writing world, you're in the right place. Hi Everyone, it's Wednesday night, it's wedding night and it's time for friends and fiction. It is the happiest night of the week, especially this week, and we are so happy to be here with you to celebrate the launch of our own Christie Woodson Harvey's the wedding biale. I am Patty Callaghan Henry and I am Mary Kay Andrews, dressed up as a circus allabent. I am Christen Hermel, marginal like a I'm the Virginal Christen Harmel. Yes, I'm Christy Woodson Harvey and I pays. We picked these hide pieces for my friends, and I feel as though they're being a little bit ungrateful, as I am so great. How could we not be so grateful for so grateful? And we are. We're you picked so according to our personality. All of them beautiful all right, and his friends and fiction or New York Times best selling authors, willing to make a fool of themselves, her friend and with stories to support indie bookstores, authors and Librarians. We are so thrilled that you are with US tonight. So you, guys, coffee. I don't know about you, what you know? I know some of US start the mornings off with a cup of coffee. I'm not human without my first cup. So I'm thrilled the one of our presenting sponsors is Charleston Coffee Roasters. Charleston coffee roasters pains taking me searches the world over for the highest quality coffee beans. They bring them home to Charleston, South Carolina. We're slow roasting coaxes out their unique flavor. Along with their promise of great coffees, Charleston Coffee Coffee Roasters also pledges to help our planet and local communities, and that's something that's really important to us here, on friends and fiction. Visit Their website, Charleston Coffee Roasterscom, and use the code coffee with friends with no spaces, coffee with friends all lowercase, to get twenty percent off on all bagged coffees. Another one of our sponsors whom we love for their devotion to being literary matchmakers. Get it, wedding matchmakers, see what I did. There is is page one book, an Indie Bookstore with a delight and surprise of an online subscription service curated just for you. The literary matchmakers at page one books hand select books just for you based on your preferences, preferences and their knowledge. Shop now at page one BOOKSCOM. That's page the numeral one BOOKSCOM. Choose their three, six or twelve month subscription plan. The gift of page one is always a custom fit, and now you can get fifteen percent off all book subscriptions with Code All cap friends, plural fifteen. You being so serious about that, and that a head dress is just everything. Can you wear this in all future episodes, please? Could we? Could that be arranged? Shall not last. Wait that, no, wait until you see what I inflict on all of Y'all. My Book Launch Episode. So will you be launching the book in Vegas? No, circus, Vegas, Vegas, circus. I try to pick things you guys wearing. Yet, just like a stress. Now we're going out for pizza and average El Road. After this, I think I'm gonna go take a bike ride around the block. And this is see what the neighbors say. Well, you guys know all about our spring subscription box with Oxford exchange, right so you might have heard. If if I have not been obnoxious about it yet, then I have not done my job. But my new book released yesterday, the wedding rail and Mary Kays the home wreckers, will be out and made third so of course they're available wherever books are sold. But if you want a hand sign first edition of both books plus a friends and fiction.

Yes, it's a little sticky flag notebook, you could order the springbox for our friends and independent Bookstore Oxford Exchange. So'll receive a beautiful delivery of both books, each of them signed, as soon as they're released. And if you haven't read Christian and Patty's two thousand and twenty one book, surviving Samana and the fest of manishing stars yet, Patti's paper bag is out next week and Christen's is out in May. so much to fell rates. Absolutely yeah, we're so excited. So so many of you have been participating in our very first friends and fiction reading challenge this month, the month of March, we're encouraging you to read a book about a female historical figure and if you're looking for a way to keep track of those books and all the books you're reading, we'd love to recommend this beautiful reading journal designed by US in conjunction with independent Bookstore Oxford Exchange. I also wanted to point out that the pages are not dated. I know we talked out this a lot in conjunction with our reading challenge, but you could pick this up at any time. You could use it for years to come. It's all blank for you to fill in, so it's really flexible anytime you want to keep track of your books. We cannot imagine a better pick for this month's reading challenge then the wedding veil, which features a two real historical women, Edith and Cornelia vanderbilts. It's a great time to begin that book and record it in here. Yeah, that's a goal everybody has. The wedding bail in the reading exactly like. Okay, before we officially get this pot is started. Yeah, Christie, can you tell everyone a little bit about your tour and all the amazing things you have coming up? Yes, oh my gosh, it's so exciting. So we're actually free taping this episode, so we just want to let everybody know that we are. That's that's why I'm home and this episode, but actually in real life I am out and about in the world. So I have I don't know how many tour stops, like twenty something, thirty, I don't know. It's like a three week tour. So I'm going to be on the road for a little while, mostly in the southeast, and I would absolutely love to see you guys. So if you haven't choked out much to our schedule, please do and please come see me. It's the most fun to get to meet you guys in real life, especially have to work communicating online so much. And then you can join all of us on May fourth, but on at Hiahoga County Library in Ohio. We're all going to be there doing a super fun friends of fiction event to celebrate Mary Ka's launch and christens paperback launch. So it's going to be great. It's going to be so much fun. And before the party really begins and we done our wedding bales, I want to remind you that, as you know, we continue to encourage you to support independent booksellers when and where you can, and one way to do that is to visit our friends and fiction bookshop dot org page, where you can find books by the four of us and our past guests, including really the only book you're going to want to buy this week, which is Christie's the wedding veil at a discount. You guys just count love it. Okay, we have all had the opportunity to read the wedding bail and since it's only been out for one day, I'm going to assume that some, maybe, maybe only a small fraction, but some of reading yet. So can you please tell our faithful viewers a little bit about the wedding bail? Yes, I can, I'm so excited to. The book is not based on this lovely and charming wedding bail that I am wearing, but a real life historical wedding bail worm by edith and Cornelia Vanderbilt, and the story actually opens around one thousand nine hundred and fourteen, when George Wanderbilt has just passed away, leaving his young widow edith and his daughter Cornelia behind to try to not only maintain the largest home in America built more state, but also to preserve his legacy. And that's all going really well until the two women have some different ideas about what the future is going to look like and it causes some problems for them that you'll read about in the book. So that is the historical part. And then in the contemporary story, my have a grandmother and granddaughter, babs and Julia, and babs is placing her sort of faded family wedding veil and her granddaughter Julia's head when Julia realizes that her marriage is not going to last and she is going to be the one to sully the name of the famous lucky family wedding veil, and so she gets the heck out of there with her grandmother and heads off on her honeymoon and alone to find out, you know, what the next chapter of her lifeholds. And at the same time babs has just lost her husband of ever sixty years and is trying to make a fresh start for herself,...

...and so she moves somewhere new and happens to run into a man from her past. So the kind of an interesting thing about this story is that all of these women find themselves at these really big crossroads and they're in different generations, they're making very different decisions, but they all have an extreme amount of outside pressure on them that is influencing their decisions. And there is, of course, a beautiful heirloom wedding at the center of the story. Cush, you know, I've read it, I know about it, but you're describing it and I got those chills on my arm. You know, so good a least. I don't think I'm good at describing it any to like work on that. There's like a lot of lot there's a lot of story happening. There's a lot of threads that you have to pull through and you describe all of them. It was great. Okay, tonight, along with this party, we're about to get started, we're going to be playing Bab playing be playing book Bango. Gotten Your Book Bingo Card yet? Visit Christyve Woodson Harveycom all one word backslash blog to grab your Bingo card, or it will be on a pinned post on our friends and fiction facebook page. So listen out for any of us to say any of the words on the card and when you have Bingo, call it in the comments. Meg will be picking five winners to receive a copy of the wedding bail. Now I can't launch a book with that called the wedding bail without a bachelorette party, right, okay, and that we have male strippers coming. Is that correct? Absolutely why I'm here. That's why I don't what about you guys? Yes, absolutely, the TRIPPIN Dales will be here momentarily, ESHK, so get us to get US started. We're going to play everybody's favorite Bachelor at Party. Game, would you rather, wedding bale style, and we encourage you to play at home and put your answers in our comments below. Meg will be choosing one winner playing along at home to win all four novels and Christie's New York Times best selling peach tree bluff series. Going to be busy, and I know, because you know, we need a little need a little male interest. Tonight we thought we bring a couple of special guests on to play with us. So welcome our rock star Writers Block. Librarian, Ron Block, are you there, dearly beloved? We are gathered here today to marry readers with this fabulous book. The wedding also Tory, and he's a real reference, so he can't do that. We legit now. You're all legally bound to buy it. We're sorry, death, we take to her. Yeah, we forgot to tell you. This is literally a commitment ceremony. Committed to buy the wedding, though, so us it later, right, yeah, you can think. Is later. Also tonight during us is our managing guru who tries to keep the trains on the hot message, strict express, and that's Meg Walker. Meg, are you there watching bride? Oh God, bales touch, but to my head by paper clips. So let's just hope it's stays. I mean that's express, just completely personified. That your veil attached with paper clips. Yeah, this is astounding. Okay, I get to go first. I Guess Sean Um Uru could be animord party boy. No, keep drunk, Hath Wedding, big short riding videoing. He's the bartender. That for good. He was being paid to Barta. Oh my gosh. On anyway, there's no party without you. Okay, I was so anxious to go first. I did that, all right. Me First. Would you rather have a video of your fiance and a compromising position leaked on the World Wide Web, where your family would never see it, or only to your family, where the rest of the world would never see it? I'm going to say just my a family. But are... saying? Okay, yeah, just my family. Oh, same here, just my family, because you know they won't care. Yeah, okay, that my answers different the world's, because I feel like my family would get me an understand why the wedding was off, but like people who don't know me as well might not. So this would you know? It's my place. I'm now. Yeah, that's actually good ration. Spoiler alert. She's canceled. The wedding is coming off, exactly, but I see, good tip, right, I still get my tip you. I did to say I think I would rather have and because then, like, what if there's like something that maybe it looks different than it really is? Or, you know, explain all that to your family. I don't know. I think I would rather just like the Internet random people now and not my family. HMM, got it. I Bet your shown. I'm the same. You know, it's two thousand and twenty two. WHO hasn't had their sex tape leaked? Have One. It's all I have. No one cares. I just don't want my family about it. I'm doing family family so slow just my mom and my brother, and we've kept each other secrets for a really long time as that's a good point, because I have a big family, you know, and like so I think that is part of everything. Yeah, they wouldn't keep my secrets, but just it's like the mortification of like everyone knowing your yeah, yeah, anyway, all right, okay, I'm next. Would you rather go on your honeymoon alone or have your fiance go with someone else? I am going on that trip. He can, you can beat it. Yeah, I'm going on that trip. We had a neighbor who's his fiance stoo him up at the altar and the wedding trip was all the honeymoon was booked, so he took his best buddy on the honeymoon with him. So I would go alone and read a lot of books and then I would really totally trash him online. Yes, I agreed. I get here, I get busy. I would be instagramming every little piece of that trip. But I would go on that trip to be all over the place. Yeah, come up with creative hashtags, right, Ditto. I go on the trip. Absolutely. Yeah, I think I would be instagramming, like with my like new fake boyfriend. Yes, yeah, major revenge honeymoon. Go on that trip and I would take pictures and you know that hilarious dark of Fandom Song, getting drunk on it. My party boy, Sean is okay, let's on. What would you do? I'm getting drunk on that trip and on the play the whole time. We're going to start at the reception. That didn't keep right. Go and keep the party going. Okay, I have a question. Would you rather someone else wear a white dress to your wedding or someone else get proposed to at your wedding? Both have happened. Hmm, I think I would rather somebody else wear a white dress so I could shame them. Oh Um. You know, I think it would be sweet as somebody else got proposed to at my wedding. I mean I would maybe I would think to myself, well, they see how happy we are and they want to be that happy. Yeah, I don't know. Yeah, my answers the same. I think you'd be nice to be a part of that person's memory. You know what I mean. That person special. I mean it's a little weird to propose it someone else's wedding, but whatever, as long as it's not while I'm saying my bouse. Yeah, that's weird. That's good. People. I would be like, I cannot believe that you just got engaged on my day, my but the one day that's all about me. Yeah, white dresses treat bad to you, though, I think. I think the proposal is worse, though. I would rather have someone where the white dress I like. I think I would choose the white dress that somebody accidentally spilled something on. Red Wine. Yeah, I don't think you know. Those two are scandals to... So I would up think I want a live childbirth at my wedding. Down to have the baby at the wedding. Awkward, but sure. And Mask is really messy. I do I'm where in between the contractions. Oh my God, did you see? They knowsted? I do, brother. Somebody wear white dress because who cares what they wear, because you're still going to be the center of attention and you're down and luxurious mail. But the woman in the white dress should not be your mother. Mom. I've heard of people that have had that and that's where that came from. Yeah, I've never heard of that. That's awful. Does actually the start of my twenty twenty three, but I don't know. You're just whatever. My next book. Yes, I have a question. Would you rather, would everyone would rather everyone have a bodacious time at your wedding but get through poisoning, or would you rather have a wedding where everyone leaves early? This, this is scan I think. I don't want food poisoning. I'd rather be remembered for like a less terrible reason. Yeah, it was. Yeah, I'm your all birth wife. That that's why I want people's yeah, I have had food poisoning and I would not wish that. I've had it more than once. I had it once on book tour. I would not wish that on anybody. So add wedding where everybody leaves early. And here's the thing that they leave early, the Barbell is way less. That's so true. Silver lining DJ to go home. Yea. Yeah, Oh, you guys are so nice. I want them all to get food poisoning. Think about all the years that they're going to talk about this, they're never going to forget the wedding. That's something to don't go back on it, okay. But then, taking the opposite point of view, I feel like that's all they'll remember about your wedding, like, not that it was a beautiful exchange aboutance, not that someone gave birth while you were saying I do. That's a good point. Why, if, though, they had such a good time at your wedding, that they all just think they have the worst hangover. That's true. Yeah, I'M gonna go food poisoning on that one. That okay. So I've actually had food poisoning, like Mka, and there's no way. You think it's hangover just now, like you think it's death. You think for sure. Oh, into your hands, I commend my spirit, kind of. So I'm going to pick a dud and and then I'm going to go back and have a big party later. Yeah, okay, I'm just going to come to your big party once you've had a dune. What true? I'm gonna Bring Shawn into gay and barten and we and to come. What are they called? Her Pipe Guy, like you know there there, you hire like, like, do you list the lab to be like the hype guy or not a store is dealing. That's the thing. That's a thing. I'd ever heard of that. Yes, watching a bravo. I know, ron sh I know all about this. Thank you. Know where I'm a pro provocative question. Why do you get to answer? I'm going with food poisoning, because, Patty, I don't know about your friends, but I'm mine would be hungover so violently that they may confusing drink quite a bit. And also, I I kind of think that maybe if everybody got food poisoning, might get a little money back from the wedding venue and then beyond part which don't. It's a good point. That's why she's are managing directors and we still get to keep the gifts. Yeah, okay, now here's my provocative question. Would you rather have all of your ex'es show up at your wedding or all your significant others exes? Well, this is a largely rhetorical question for me, because I believe all of my exes are dead, but anything should no one left to tell heard during secret shout out up and then I'll I'll just, you know, say look what you missed. YEA, yeah, I would want all of my exes... so I know exactly what I'm dealing with all. That's such a good point. You're right, that's right. Yeah, you know what, I'm gonna have to go with that for the exact same reason. Last you know what, like some of them are crazy, most of them are nice. That I can deal with the crazy because I'll see it coming, and the nicest spin nice to see him. I don't have any feelings anymore. Yeah, I would go with mine to just because exactly you know what you're getting, even that like stray, when that you're like, okay, they're like definitely gonna object or something like insane, but you but there's someone on that, because you know what to expect when it's your when it's your significant you don't know. So, okay, I'm going to swing the pendulum here and say his so they can all see how wonderful and how much. Okay, so death do his part and they can just sit there and rind their little teeth. I love that are but too good one. I was thinking only about my wife, like what would make her least uncomfortable. I think would actually be right, because I don't care. Yeah, I don't her xes came. I think should be more uncomfortable. So I'll say I guessing. My her answer would be mine to show up. Okay, that's a way very sensitive for party boy, Sean. That's how your yeah, slipping. You're falling behind party a character at a character Sean. I think we actually had some of Dave back Dave's xes at our wedding because I'm friends with several of them. But but I would not want all of them anywhere near me. So I'm learning with mine, because there aren't that many of them and they're all very cool. Okay, okay, that's all right. So now my turn. Would you rather, and I can't believe eave, I'm asking this question, would you rather the wall question? Would you rather fall while walking down the aisle or during your first dance? Well, we all know that when I fall, I break bones in my body, so I would prefer to do it as late in the wedding as possible, so I'm going to go with first dance. Oh and have you know, hopefully I go down in a fabulous way, like you know what I mean, like like catches you, like. Yeah, exactly, that's true. Good Point. Yeah, I think during my first dance, because he's gonna swoop down and pick me up and twirl me around and everyone'll cheer. Yeah, and you know this is all in my fantasy life. That is for you probably say she's true. Well, when Paul Rod Sweet back up, that's good. So I'm going to buck the trend a little bit. I'd rather do it while I'm walking down the aisle. I can immediately get up, throw my hands up in the air and beat Mary Catherine Gallagher and go married, and then everybody will clear up and cheer and think it was on purpose. Yeah, like that. I love it. I think I'm going to have to say first dance to I mean, because I feel like when you're getting ready to watch down the aisle you're so nervous already, like just with everyone watching you and whatever. That to fall then would be I think it would be more embarrassing. I'm definitely going to have to say the first dance, but my caveat is if I'm picking for someone else, I'm gonna say walking down the aisle because I think it would just break up the tension, like it would be as long as any break bones. But like you're all like whoo and it just like remember when Jennifer Lawrence fell walking up to get her ASCAR? Yeah, but I'd prefer it wasn't me. So, yeah, I would not be allowed to drink before the wedding, so knots after I'm falling down on the dance work. It's tears to that. Here's fun. You could pretend it was a dance. move the rest. That's covered, right. That's right. Yeah, that's my answer, is that I would definitely choose the dance because, like, you could play it off like you meant to do it. Yeah, exactly. Like if you're a southerner, you just pretend that you decided to gator right, Yep, yeah, maybe the one. What's a gator? I don't know that. I don't know what that is either. You went to Florida. How do you not know gatoring? I have no idea. Video later. There's actually there was one that was like there was one I saw recently of a kid at Disney world like winning Disney dance off gatoring. Yeah, I don't know what that is.

It's a great we're gonna have to post a video to the page. That absolute video. Definitely. Yeah, I have a friend who like still, as it goes, to the chiropractor from gatoring on the bar on her birthday party like recently, you know, like trying to like relive for and she was like, I'm a guy, I can't do that anymore and it's bad that she's fine. That night, the next day I was like, Oh, I've like permanently injured myself. I don't think I've ever been able to get her. But yes, no, I I've ever tried, but I see, I'm gonna. Yes, is this what gatoring news is uploading? I'm sorry, okay, Oh, no, no, dancing the game, dirty dancing that that is not it. That's great. I love that very, very important question for you guys. Would you rather have your wedding cake dropped before you cut it or your wedding rings get lost? Oh my gosh, I mean this is a really hard question. Um, I am actually going to say that I think I would rather my wedding rings get lost because you could like borrow someone else's temporarily. But if that wedding cake gets dropped and I don't get cake at my wedding, like you can't fake that. You can't fake the cake, you can like fake your wedding rings and have them redone later. That would be a great eight Hashtag. Hashtag. Don't fake the cake. Where what are you going? Don't fake the cake. Hashtag. Um, oh, drop the cake. Drop the cake. Yeah, could always make another one later. Yeah, yeah, I would say drop the cake and then send everybody at or send someone out to get all the remaining cupcakes from sprinkles cupcakes and just you know, nick to Def you live in a small town. That is not an option. No, that's true. I would definitely drop the cake because I would just pick it up and say, Oh look, it's a deconstructed wedding cake. It's a new thing, right, okay, let's second rule and I'll spoon to everybody. Yeah, yeah, that episode of friends, the Huese cake. Yep, that's exactly what I was thinking. I would definitely say the cake, as long as am I allowed to give a caveat, as long as it was already a picture of it. Okay, it's good, then you could drop it and like it could be kind of funny. She doesn't care. Is My favorite part of the wedding. Like she doesn't even care about the cake. Defeating the cake and the drinking the champagne with the cross arm. That's like my favorite part of the wedding. I always get upset when I miss that part of the wedding accidentally, like I went to get a drank or I was dancing and I missed the cake situation at a wedding. I hate that, but I'm not going to tell it now, but remind me later and I will tell you the story of our wedding cake to buckle at our wedding. Okay, okay, so I didn't do a real wedding. We did Court House things, so I don't know what what costs more, like a wedding cake or her rings were so cheap, like I probably rather lose my rings. I imagine, like a wedding cake costs twenty Fivezero. Made out of a point too, because if you're lost, like if it was expensive, it's probably ensured. If it wasn't, your power was pretty cheaply those go on to the other you know. Okay, go o cake all day, because the rings absolutely cost a lot more. Strong. Yeah, it's let's hope not mine talks. Oh, guys, okay, okay, okay, Christie. We're now turning it back to you for some serious or serious as we know how to be some I setting ails. Yeah, exactly, all right. What love to ask you some questions. Could Kristen, could you start us off? I absolutely could. So, Christie, we were all here together there when you started writing the wedding bale, your first go at a historical novel, and we all know research into the real lives of famous historical figures could be daunting during the best of times, but especially daunting during a pandemic, when everything is shut down, you don't have the same access to things you know that you would when the world is normal. So can you tell us a little bit about the process of researching this book? Yes, that's so true, and I honestly, if it weren't for you guys like I don't know that I would have even done it. I...

...think I might have thought there's is no way, this isn't going to work and you know I can't make this happen. So you guys were very encouraging to thank you. And, of course, like I had imagined when I started, when I had the idea for this book and I had started researching and I was I'm going to be a bill more on the time and I'm going to be like I already had the like libraries where I knew our you know, there were materials that I wanted to look at in real life and wanted to letters I wanted to read and those types of things. So it was definitely very, very different. But I was really lucky to have some incredible librarians, rod knows all about that, who really helped me write off the bat and I got myself a newspaperscom account. I think I've read every time in history that edith vanderbilt or Cornelia van girl have I mentioned in a newspaper and I read every single book that I could get my hands on about the family and the House and down to like cookbooks and like anything that I could find. I read. And actually worked out really well because I write my first draft and then the world was starting to open back up just a little bit enough that I was actually able to go and start making some of those trips and get, you know, a lot of my research back chegged and find out, you know, some of the fun more like little colorful tidbits that really helped enhance the story. But actually wasn't all bad because instead of just being like totally overwhelmed and flooded with information. From the beginning, I was really able to step back and read and figure out, this is the story I'm telling, these are the years of these women's lives and I'm focusing on and then kind of hone in on it from there. It's awesome. It was funded by it too. Yeah, I really knows. Yep. So in reading the book, Eat Edith and Cornelia Vanderbilt are really brought to life and they almost feel like threedimensional in a way. But what were some of the surprising things that you learned about them along the way? Oh my gosh, so many. They were such interesting characters and such interesting women. But I think one of the things that that surprised me the most is just having a journalism school background and being taught, you know, in researching, to always kind of rely on primary sources. I was so shocked at the number of newspaper articles that, like, they weren't labeled as gossip columns. They weren't, you know, they didn't stand out in any way, that just contained things that were absolutely untrue, and so that was like a really interesting thing, you know, for me to kind of learn that it was just some of the things you couldn't really rely on, although fortunately I was writing fictions time so I'd be like, I don't think that's true, but that makes it great story, like what's for Haaven. But they were just both fascinating women. I think for Edith I was so surprised. She was just one of the most generous people. With someone with her upbringing, you and necessarily think, but she really lived a life of service and it kind of made it made her the perfect fit for her husband, George, and I was really expecting to find like a marriage of convenience for them. You know, they were he had a lot of money and she had a family name and they needed each other and in very specific ways. But I really, by the time I was finished writing, like I really think they had a really great love story and that they were a really terrific match for each other. And Cornelia, which is a character when I've never written like twenty books for her. I mean talk about an eccentric Gar she was just fast. But it was also really interesting to watch her life kind of turn and to see the process of her becoming, you know, she was so dedicated to Asheville and North Carolina and this house in this town and the people on it and then to watch the way that someone being in the spotlight and the way that she was made everything change. And so I won't re want to get too much away, but yeah, yeah, I love it. I loved that, all right. So you know I'm going to ask about this, but every good book as an origin story, and this one for you, unraveled over. Wasn't it a few years that it enabled? So what, like, was the initial inspiration for this and Lancing story? Well, the initial inspiration came in two thousand and eighteen. We had evacuated but for it for hurricane, and we were in Ashville and we were at the built Moore and I've been a lot of times in my life and I had just never really thought about the people that much, I guess, which sounds kind of weird, but I just always thought about this amazing house and I was never really thinking about the people that were in it. And I think it was all that truck that it really struck me that edith was a really young widow. I mean she was like probably, I mean she was in her very early s and was left a lot of responsibility. You know, in a time when women couldn't even really vote, and she was not left in a really particularly great financial situation. Just because of the way the estate was set up. Cornelia got most of the inheritance, but not till she was twenty five, and she was only thirteen when her father died. So he did was left without. She had a lot of hurdles to overcome, like a lot, like so many that I only wrote about some of them... the book because it was like just too much for one human to even bear to write. And right and so. But I was just so interested in her and I got home and I started reading everything I could about her and I when and looked for a novel about her because I thought someone's written about this woman. Of course they have, and I couldn't really find one. And so I kept saying someone to write book about her. So much should writ a book about her, never ever thinking that it would be me. So probably about a year later my cousin was getting married and I have I wore my veil that hidden in my husband's family when we got married and a lot of women and his family and like family friends and just a lot of people had wren this bail. It was not the fun, even though this is this one. That's it. It could be it was Patti's. I didn't want to give up. I'm guessing it wasn't mine and you got married in Vegas. is so sweet and good, even hers, I love her, but I was like couldn't bail on her head. And I said it's so cool that, you know, this bail connects us to all these women that will never know, like some that aren't even here anymore. And she was like what really is? And we were both kind of like that's a book, and was trying to come up with my next book idea and are just deciding what I was going to write next. I guess I kind of narrowing it down and I felt that sort of spark for the story and I didn't even know where the story was, but I called my agent and I was like, I'm going to write a book called the wedding bail and it's going to be about this historical I mean about a family wedding bail that you know, is like kind of lucky and like guarantees this like love and good luck, until it doesn't, you know, like a story like that, and she was like, Oh, I love that, but I love that idea. And she just offhandedly said, well, what if you write about a real historical wedding bail? And then I was like Yeay, yeah, but thinking I'm definitely not going to do that because that's not what I write. But I was up one night and I got on Google and I just happened to Google Edith Vanderbilt wedding bail and a story popped up about a family bail, warned by Edith's mother and her sisters, and then edith were it, her daughter Cornelia, wore it and then it disappeared and I thought sad happened to fail and what if I can make it up? And so I just knew then that was the story. But it is interesting how it kind of comes to you, you know, in little bits and pieces. And there was the story I was never going to write and then something about it just really struck me and here we are. That's awesome nice. I have a question for you. I know chrte treat ideas evolved and morph over time. Can you ever see going back to your initial idea for the novel in a different way? Yeah, you know, the way that I had kind of thought about it. Originally was like these three women from these three different generations in the same family that were in these protagonists, and then there were going to be five other women. I don't know why five, but they were going to have these little vignettes in the story that sort of tied, you know, the larger plot together, which I still think is an interesting idea and it's something that, like, I might kind of want to explore structurally with something different. I mean probably not another wedding bail, but maybe, I don't know, wedding pearls. Maybe could be like a seria, the wedding top hats, the wedding spanks, definitely don't press those down, wedding Garterr Bell. There, there, you, yeah, okay, on the contemporary side of things, you created a truly lovable pair in the characters babs and her granddaughter Julia, which really speaks to me because I was super close to my grandmother and she played a huge role in my wedding planning and running itself. So could you tell us why you chose the spotlight a grandmother and granddaughter duo? Yeah, well, I'm super close as my grandmother. I always have been. I grew up like less than a mile for my grandparents, and so I was with them a lot and I saw them all the time and I just have always had a really close to family and I just love grandmother granddaughter relationships. I mean I just think they're really special and there's something about that wisdom being passed down from generation to generation. But in this story in particular, I wish I could say that I did this on purpose, but I didn't. But I think what ended up being kind of interesting about this grandmother grandaughter relationship is that, you know, babs is eighty one and corn EMM Cunelia and Julia is twenty six and they are both still at a stage in their life where they have a big decision to make and there are a lot of people who are not happy about their decision and they have to decide, you know, are they going to stay the course or they're going to do something different? And so I think in a lot of ways like these two characters in their different stages, at their different ages, in these different times in their life and don't really bolstering each other to like live their truth and live their best, best chapter, and I think...

...that Julia equally does that for babs. As Bab's does for Julia, so sweet Nice. Speaking of babs and the opening of the veil, babs is placing the faded family wedding veil on Julia's head. When she realized, though, she can't marry her beyonce and that, if she does, she will be the one to sell away the good look at the family veil, babs drives the getaway car. Love that love. I'm back. What do you think your grandmother would have done in a similar situation? Totally would have driven to get away. I mean she's very much like you know, big on you know your commitment in your vowels and all of that. But if it was before that wedding and and that, my mom has three sisters and every single one of them have remember this moment where, like my grandfather looked at them and was like, are you sure, because if you're not, we can leave right now. Yeah, wow, yeah, because they were married. My grandfather passed away like two years ago. What they were married for like almost sixty five years, so it together for her. Guess maybe they were together for sixty five you, I don't know. It was a very, very long time. So you know about they really took that commitment extremely seriously and I think Bab says something like Julia said, something like my mother's to kill me a bad says. Well, better a bad day than a bad rest of your life, and not really like better a bad day than a bad rest of you. Okay, y'all, we're going to take a moment to share some of our wedding photos from all of us, from the seven of us. So we love celebrating love and we can't thank you enough for playing along on all of this. But let's look the wedding picture. Let's start with me, strong has like a lot of so beautiful, great, what a great couple. Rana, Jeff ran and Jeff see cake. What would they have done if they didn't have a cake? I'm telling you, if you was a great cake. There's your real wedding bail Christy, that's it right, real wedding ball. Should have shown a better shot of it, but anyway, beautiful picture, though. Yeah, would you keep that with the photos at Georgeo O'Keefe Gallery outside? Who Beautiful? Oh wait, real wedding Bil was almost just pretty as the way you're wearing almost so close married. Was that New Jersey yes, the Jersey Short, the church was in Belmart and the reception was in Spring Lake. Don't you love looking beautiful? And that's a hell of a bail. That's a hell of its rain, a bird of paradise thing happening. And the shoulder. It was one thousand nine hundred and ninety one. If you didn't have shoulder bad, what were you doing? You're doing it wrong. Beautiful. I love that. R That is a whole wedding outfit that like you could wear today and be. Yes, so beautiful really, yeah, picking gorgeous. Yeah, ruffle talks to yeah, Oh, yeah, well, I he was like, I am not wearing a peach shirt, so don't ask, but it is ruffled. So you got that gone. Well, it was seventy six. What can I tell you? It's awesome. You Look Beautiful. Is Not quite as home, Christna Jameson, that's beautiful. Yeah, there was only eight years ago, so hasn't hasn't been so long. It's gorgeous. Dirty gator days in dirty Gatorad slory. That's a Oh, party boy, party boy. All Right, Mary pay you want to lead us into our announcements here? Yes, I do. I have to shift some stuff around. Okay, beside reminding you to Hashtag buy her book, Damn it, meaning purchase your copy of the wedding bial this week, because those first week...

...sales are monumental for a book. Trajectory matters. What? Yeah, we and we don't want to guild trip you, but we are not above it. Oh, I'm also also you guys have already promised in this ceremony with Ron. So have creature all committed to buying the wedding bill and if the books, you know what can happen if you defy the promise. I mean he's got a broken vow is way worse than a bad I have connections. I have to take this bail up. It's given me a super bad headache. Wow it, the feather will just stay in my hair. So if we don't for pizza later, yeah, I don't rat, but she's dealing with it. That's true. If we wore these Medicare, you guys have to buy the book. So that's right, the sacrifice. Dave these bales away. Oh did the beano? They can get a wedding biale. I love that they have to pick which one. Yeah, I think we all know who's veil will not be picked. Oh, I don't know, that might be first. It might go first. I agree. Heard. Yeah, I actually I had you proud on that one. I'm just saying I'm pretty impressed. Yea best seven dollars ever spent that settle dollars. Yeah, all right, Reverend here. Okay, okay. So just a quick reminder of our writers block podcast. Will always post link under the announcements every time a new one comes out, and a new episode launches every Friday. Last week we had a really special wedding bale episode that you don't want to miss, with maybe a few little exclusive things in there that you won't get anywhere else, I don't know. And next week we focus on the wonder that is audible originals. If you've ever listened to one, you're going to want to listen to the how they what's goes into creating them, and we're going to have Martha Hall Kelly and her co writer Cathy Murray about a true story and an audible original they did called the Munich cowboys, cheerleaders and Patty and I will also be talking to the founder of audible done cats. You aren't going to want to miss that. Yeah, can be really cool. Okay, did you know that you can find some of our back episodes? So sometimes I meet people and I tell them about friends and fiction or they're on the page but they're like, oh, I didn't know about the show. How do I find the show? So you can find it on our back episodes and but we are also a brand new streaming platform called Loco plus, which also includes lots of brand new content from a lot of other independent creators. So you can go there and watch back episodes and you never know what you might find. And if you're not hanging out with this yet in the friends and fiction official Book Club, you're missing out. The group, which is separate from us but is run by our friends Lisa Harrison and Brenda Gardner, is now more than eleven thousand strong. You guys, wow, that's amazing. Ours with our friend wrong and book club reads. You will want to join now and not miss any of the action. Left them. This was tonight the season finale of our first season of the two thousand and twenty two season. Wait, that's two seasons. That's redoneant attendant. That was yeah, yeah, somebody needs an editor. Okay, all right, high winter season, our spring and summer season are coming up and they are chalkful. Have so they great authors coming on the show and it's going to be taken us two weeks to gear up and plan some huge surprises for you. I am not gearing up, I'm gearing up. No, I'm not carrying up. No, I'm taking some books and going to the pool. Are you kidding me? Yeah, well, I'm going to be in many, many cities. So you guys, please come see me, because I know you'll be having you'll be missing us all so much. You can Como. Yeah, and to join us in two weeks, on April twenty is we welcomely and Dolin with her newest lost and found in Paris. If you're every wondering about our schedule, is always on the friends and fiction website and on the header graphic on her facebook page. But wait, even though we are taking next week off, make sure you still tune in at seven pm for a friends and fiction only video to celebrate the release of Patti's paperback of Surviving Savannah. So we knew we were going to be off next week, but...

...we went ahead when we were in Savannah and recorded something special when we were all together and we don't want you to miss it. It's a fun little celebration and you know, I know it's going to be awful not to have this Wednesday night for two weeks in a row. I'm going to tune in and watch it's because I know I'm gonna be missing doing this and we hope that you'll tune in with us and we can never say it enough. Thank you to our presenting sponsors, Charleston Coffee Roasters and page one book, for their generous support. And y'all out there, show our sponsors some love by following them on facebook and instagram and subscribing to their email newsletters. Remember to use code all lowercase coffee with friends for twenty percent off bagged coffee at Charleston coffee roasters and code all caps friends fifteen, for fifteen percent off book subscriptions at Page One. So I have to say that this has been an incredible night and Ron and meg and John, it is so fun to have you on scream with much thank you. Thank you for having us. Thank you, guys so much for doing this and for coming on to celebrate and being so supportive and to everybody and our friends in fiction community. You guys are amazing and I know we all feel this way. You know, we have these stories in our heads for like a year or two and then they come out into the world and then they're yours and they get to be completely remade because of your experiences and the way that you feel about them and what you think about them and when, most of all, when you hand them to a friends and say you should read this. So we really appreciate guys. You keep us going. We love you so much and I just think everybody in this friends and fiction family for all that you do. You guys are amazing and we are, as Pattie would say, we are the luckiest we are in the luck is. Good night chere. Congratulations. Right to the Wedding Vale for the wedding. Wedding Vale. Thank you for tuning in. You can join us every week on facebook or Youtube, where our live show airs on Wednesday nights at seven PM eastern time. Also, subscribe to our podcast and follow us on instagram. We're so glad you're here.

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