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Episode · 1 month ago

Friends & Fiction Launch Party for Kristy Woodson Harvey's THE WEDDING VEIL


Mary Kay Andrews, Kristin Harmel & Patti Callahan Henry request the honor of your presence at the launch of their co-host Kristy Woodson Harvey’s The Wedding Veil. The reception will take place on Friends & Fiction on the thirtieth of March. 

Grab your wedding veil, pour your signature cocktail, and get ready for a grand celebration as we send Kristy’s new book out into the world in true F&F style. You don’t want to miss this show as the Fab Four are joined on-air by our dearly beloved podcast host Ron Block, tech guru Shaun Hettinger, and managing director Meg Walker for an epic game of wedding-themed Would You Rather? Glimpse the crew’s actual wedding photos and enjoy their festive themed headwear as we gather together to learn all about Kristy’s new novel, THE WEDDING VEIL.

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